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Presidents Installation Speech

Thank you Past President Lillian for being my installing President. Lillian was Department President from 1995-1996. She was my Department President when I was District President. Over the years we have developed a very special bond. I wanted to say thank you Lillian. Other people I would like to thank and acknowledge are: Martha Foster for being my installing Chaplain & being my friend.  Thank you Rhonda Siefering, for being my soloist. You have a beautiful voice & a special thank you to Jackie Burke for filling in as my pianist at the last minute. To Marlene Valentine for all of the endless questions that you have answered for me during this time period.


Several years ago, some very special friends of mine; Ray and Ann Dutton when they found out that my name had been submitted for Department President, Ann had Ray made me something very special for me to use during my year. Unfortunately Ann passed away last year. At her funeral Ray stopped greeting people and went and got the item he had made & said “Sharon I have something for you” he made me this special gavel to use throughout my year. Thank you to Ray and Ann Dutton.

WOW! Can you believe it! 7 years ago I put my name in to be Department President. I figured, I would probable be dead but here I stand as your Department President.

Just a minute…. (PUT ON MY CROWN) so here I am “Queen Department President Sharon” Let’s practice our Queen wave.” (remove crown) I know we will work hard & have fun this year while we are working our programs and serving our Veteran’s.


My Theme is: “Hearts on fire for Veterans”. I feel everything we do is for our Veterans and to keep the fire burning in all we do. To treat everyone the way we want to be treated & to be open to each others suggestions and to work as a team.


My favorite songs are: Amazing Grace & God Bless America


My favorite scriptures are: “Well done my good & faithful servant. Enter into the kingdom of God.


My second one is John 3:16 & 17: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. That everyone that believes in Him might not parish but have eternal life. The catcher in verse 17 is God did not send His son into the world to condemn it but that the world might be saved through Him.


My projects are:  The Des Moines V.A. & Gold Club.


We need to become familiar with the Blue book & Policy book. We all need a good working knowledge of all of the American Legion Auxiliary programs.


I know you get tired of hearing about membership but it is one of our most important programs. If we don’t have the financial support from the membership dues we CAN NOT support our programs. We need to RENEW & RECUIT NEW MEMBERS. To be extremely proud of our family who made us eligible to be a member of the American Legion Auxiliary. We need to be ACTIVE volunteers at our unit and the V.A. Hospital’s and Veteran’s Home in your area and keep us abreast of all their needs so we can advise our membership We have active teen’s that can be a great help there.



Thank you Rhonda for sharing your beautiful voice with us.


I hope that anytime you see a veteran that you thank him/her for their service because of their service we have the rights & freedoms that we have today. Some have paid the supreme sacrifice.


This would be a good time to hear; “GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood.


Thank you Lee, for that inspiring song


I am eligible to be a member through my father, a WWII Army Veteran and

 my husband Richard; a Vietnam Era Army Veteran. He has been a member 51 years in the Legion. I have been a member for 39 years in my unit.


I think it is time I introduce my family. This is the love of my life Richard. He is a Past Department Service Officer. I am the youngest of 5 girls. My Sister Doris, who lives in Puyallup WA, is my last living sibling. My oldest daughter is; Kathy & her Husband Jeff. Their children are; Kate & her boyfriend Jacob from Arizona and Ashley. Son’s Mike and Levi. Levi is currently in basic training at Fort Jackson right now. Our youngest daughter is Kim, her daughter Emily & son Aaron. Then we have Richard’s Son’s; Scott & Lynn and his wife Mindy and their children Laina, Justin, Therish and Harley. We have 10 grand children & welcomed our first Great Grand child; Jeremiah in April. So this is our clan! We are very proud of our family! Most all of them are in the Legion Family .Do any of you have something to say? Guess not.


I am very proud to be serving as your Department President. God Bless our troops. God Bless America, the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, Son’s of the American Legion (S.A.L) & the American Legion Riders. I wish much success to the American Legion Family this year.


You are invited to a reception on Sunday September 25th from 2-4. it will be held at my Post & Unit; Baldwin Patterson American Legion #274 at 2211 E. 42nd Street in Des Moines, IA. Cake and ice cream, punch, coffee, mints and nuts will be provided. Hope to see you all there.


 I am sorry that I did not have members of my unit Baldwin Patterson

# 274, Des Moines and all members of Sixth District stand up. Without your love, friendship and guidance, I would not be standing here today.


Thanks to all of you.

Your Department President, Sharon

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