American Legion Emblem

Presidents Theme and Symbol




 Theme: “America Runs Free Because of Those Who Served Our Country”


       Colors: Blue:Legion, SAL, Legion Riders                   Flower: Blue Forget-Me-Knots

                    Red: American Legion Auxiliary, Juniors        Flower: Red Poppy

                    Purple: The Legion Family                             Flower: Purple Lilac

Blue & Red = Purple


       Legion:Stallions, SAL:Colts, Legion Riders:Ferals, Auxiliary:Fillies, Juniors:Foals


Symbol: Wild White Mustang         Theme Music: “Wild Horses” by Natasha Bedingfield

Music: Spiritual “On Eagles Wings,” “Wind Beneath My Wings,” “Gloryland”

                            Patriotic “The War Was in Color,” “God Bless the USA”

             Membership “A Girl and Her Horse,” “Midwestern Girl - IOWA NOW”

            “Happy Trails”



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