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President Sharon’s theme this year is “Hearts on Fire for Veterans”.  This is a great year to promote patriotism throughout your communities and foster the attitude of responsible citizenship.  Having a strong patriotic program on Americanism reflects your appreciation for our Veterans and for this great country.


What are some of the ways Americanism can be incorporated into your Unit’s events and projects?

  1. Be knowledgeable on flag history, etiquette, and proper disposable.
  1. This is a year of a Presidential election.  Encourage members to vote and to support the amendment to protect the United States flag from desecration.  Take your children/grandchildren with you when you vote.  Explain the process and the importance of voting. Promote the Legion Family’s program “Get Out and Vote”
  2. Increase participation in the Americanism Essay Contest. This year’s theme is:

“How does learning about government and our America help you become a future guardian of the liberties of our country?”


          Download the Americanism Essay contest cover sheet under the Americanism category at  


                           Class Grade Level    Word Requirement

                             I        3 and 4           150-250

                            II        5 and 6           250-300

                           III        7 and 8           350-400

                           IV       9 and 10         450-500

                            V     11 and 12         450-500

                           VI    Students with special needs.

                                   Word count should correspond with student’s grade level.





  1. Promote and support the activities of the American Legion’s family Americanism Program.

For more information on these programs – www.ialegion/org


  1. Promote pride in belonging to the world’s largest patriotic organization, the American Legion Auxiliary.


There are so many projects and events your unit can do to promote Americanism.

Share your Patriotic stories in a narrative both mid – year, due by Dec 31, 2016 and the end of the year report, due April 30, 2017.  Visit the national website for more ideas and the details for the end of year awards.  It is imperative to use the correct cover sheet for all of your narratives.  This can be found on the national website also. Include the following in your narratives:



Keep your “Hearts on Fire for Veterans” as you wave the flag for this great country. 

This is the land of the Free, BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE.


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