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 “There is much more to being a patriot and a citizen than reciting the pledge or raising a flag.” (MN Gov. Ventura).  And we, as American Legion Auxiliary members, know that. Our programs and activities keep this great country growing and thriving, and support our service Veterans in countless ways. Americanism is the basis for ALL of our programs. This year, let’s all take another step forward and try a new program, or expand on one that we’ve done before. Assist the American Legion or the Sons of the American Legion with one of their activities.

   Protecting our flag is still on the forefront of our priorities. In June, a bill was introduced to give Congress the authority to prohibit physical desecration of the U.S. flag. You can learn more about the Legion family’s legislative efforts at

   Your Unit can promote Americanism by:

            *promoting respect for our flag and increasing awareness of patriotic holidays

            *encouraging businesses, family members, and schools to fly our flag

            *taking part in the Pocket Flag project

            *wearing Auxiliary apparel or a flag pin

            *carrying and sharing membership applications for the Legion Family

            *sending a high school junior to Iowa American Legion Auxiliary Girls State

            *participating in the Quilts of Valor project, by sewing, cutting, or donating funds

    The American Legion has several popular activities we can support:

  *American Legion Baseball   *Oratorical contest  *Scouting  *Junior Shooting

   I would love to hear from you by Dec. 31, 2017 so I can let National and Division know about our programs.

  Each year, the American Legion Auxiliary sponsors an Americanism Essay Contest for students in grades 3-12, including students with special needs. Details on classes and the essay topic will be given out as they become available from National.


          Seniors: Best Year Round Americanism Program (deadline April 30, 2018)   Please type or neatly handwrite what your Unit has done. It can be attached to the Annual Americanism Report. Include Unit name & number, town, and District.

            Juniors: Best Year Round Americanism Program (deadline April 30, 2018)

Type or neatly handwrite your Americanism activities. Include your name, age, Unit name & number, town, and District.

Class A – Ages 10 and under                   Class B – Ages 11-18



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