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Auxiliary Emergency Fund

Each year members are hit by natural disasters - tornadoes, floods, fires, etc.  Their belongings are gone, sometimes their loved ones.  It is in these times our hearts feel their pain and we want to reach out to comfort them.  Each unit can offer this comfort by donating to the AEF fund.  Your cash donations will mean so much to our hurting members to help them get back on their feet.  Remember that when a disaster hits home you would appreciate every little kindness, too.


The AEF provides only temporary assistance to members to help them with food and shelter from natural disasters and weather related emergencies.  When no other source of aid is available during financial crisis funds can be used to help with shelter, food and utilities.  It cannot be used to pay medical expenses or to pay accumulated debts.  It can also be used for educational training to upgrade skills to obtain a better job if there was a sudden loss in the family of the primary wage earner.


Each unit should be familiar with the proper forms needed to give to members when the time arises.  They are found on the National Auxiliary Website -, click on Members Only then  AEF.  To receive funds the members must have membership paid up for the current year as well as the past two years.  A short form is available for natural disasters and the longer form is for other assistance. The unit must sign the form before sending it to the Department office.  It will then be forwarded to the National Office to be reviewed by the AEF committee.  Up to $2400 could be received.  The process could take several weeks.


Be creative in collecting funds - put out jars and collect coins at all functions, hold a craft fair or Diva Day catering to women, hold silent auctions, garage sales, movie nights, use your imagination and have fun knowing that you will be helping Auxiliary members in need.  Let me know at mid-year and by April 30 how you have collected funds and how much you have sent in for the AEF.


This year include in your heart a burning desire to help our Auxiliary members who need help during a crisis.  They cannot carry on our ALA Mission if they are suffering.   Let your efforts show that you care about our Auxiliary and will work hard not only for our veterans but for our members, too!


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