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Children and Youth

Protecting, caring, and supporting our Youth


The purpose of the Children and Youth program is to work along side the American Legion to protect and care for our children of military families.


The American Legion Auxiliary has alot of wonderful programs to help us learn, teach and grow so we are better educated to help our youth become the adults of tomorrow.


Support Children and youth in your community by recognizing; Star spangled kids, and Youth Hero/ Good deed awards.


Use helpful aids like the GI Josh dog, Klinger


Send a junior to junior camp or a young girl to girls state.


Apply for scholarships.


Support the Legion programs such as the 5th grade essay, oratorical, junior shooting sports, and boys state.


April is Children and Youth month.


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I will announce when mid year and year end reports are due. But feel free to report to me any time all year long. I love to see pictures and newspaper articles of the things you are doing to promote the Children and Youth program.


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