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Community Service

To become visible with your community, you can work with and invite other organizations to work on service projects to heighten awareness of the American Legion Auxiliary’s local efforts to support our

Veterans, service members, their families and the community. Volunteer or organize service projects on ALA Days of Service. Volunteer at your local libraries, food pantries, domestic violence shelters, senior citizen centers, assisted living centers, nursing homes and for service projects and causes. Wear your Auxiliary apparel while doing so. Volunteer for your local Meals on Wheels especially on the holidays. Attend and represent the Auxiliary in holiday parades, grand openings and community leader recognition ceremonies. Be visible. Purchase shirts with the American Legion name or emblem to wear while volunteering. Review and implement the tips, ideas, and strategies in the ALA Service Not Self Volunteer Toolbox to be a better volunteer and offer well-rounded service projects for your local community. Register service projects on websites, community forums and social media to attract other community members to participate in your service projects. Volunteer for local service projects and work with your post home to offer space and their participation in local service projects and causes. Engage high school students (with or without service hour requirements to graduate) in ALA Community Service activities and/or projects.


Community Service Awards


Each application must include the cover sheet found in program Plan of Action.


UNIT AWARD: Unit Community Service Award

Type of Award: Citation

Presented to: One unit in Department

Materials and Guidelines:


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