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Education is a multi-fold program that can be promoted at all levels of our organization and in various different ways.  “The Education program promotes the American Legion Auxiliary’s role in providing quality education for children and adults through classroom activities, literacy programs, scholarships, and the support of education beyond high school, especially for military children.”  How can you support the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary’s Education program?

GIVE 10 TO EDUCATION—Educating the young is a costly endeavor, from notebooks and pencils to textbooks and calculators, everything comes with a price.  Although parents and guardians are asked to purchase select supplies for their students it is not all the supplies that are needed through the school year.  Collect commonly used school supplies, Box Tops for Education, Campbells Soup Labels, and HyVee receipts (if available in your area) to donate to your local school, Military Base, or Military Family Support Group.  Certificates will be awarded to all Units who REPORT participation in this program.

VETERANS IN THE CLASSROOM—Children love having visitors in their classroom.  Contact your local school about having Veterans come into the classroom to read or tell a story, work on a patriotic project, or mentor a student who needs a little extra help.

RECOGNIZE EDUCATORS—Organize special treats, small gifts, or activities for teachers and staff in your area.  Everyone plays a role in the education of children and should be honored for their hard work and dedication.  Honor a teacher who goes above and beyond to help his/her students.  Plan Ahead!! American Education Week is November 13-17, 2017 and Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-12, 2018.

HELP THE CHILDREN—There are so many ways to help the children in your community.  Be a mentor to a child missing a parent due to military service, collect and donate hats, mittens, and warm clothing for families who may not be able to afford these items, organize a food drive or meal for struggling families, or contact your local school, they know what they and their students need most!

INVOLVE YOUR JUNIORS—They are our future!  Get them involved in each every project that you do involving education.  Juniors can help make treats or favors, collect school supplies and other items to donate, snip box tops and soup labels.  Older Juniors can be mentors in and out of school.

MERIT AWARDS—The most influential way to provide a quality education for students is through the merit award program. There are many merit awards available through the American Legion Auxiliary

¨ Mary Virginia Macrae Memorial Merit Award for Medical Training.  Mrs. Macrae served as our first Department President

¨ Harriet Hoffman Memorial Merit Award for Educator Training. Mrs. Hoffman established the education and scholarship program.

¨ Department of Iowa General Merit Awards.  10 will be given

¨ Department Past President’s Merit Awards to be determined.

Only one form is needed to apply for Department Merit Awards and can be found at  At the bottom of the page click on the forms link and select Merit Award Application.  Please have applicants follow all rules and deadlines.  These awards are given to assist Iowa residents in obtaining higher education in an Iowa Higher Learning School.

NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS—Scholarships are also available from the National organization.  Go to and click ‘Scholarships” for details, deadlines, and applications.

¨ Children of Warriors National Presidents Scholarship awarded to children of veterans who served during eligibility dates for the American Legion

¨ Non-Traditional Student Scholarship—applicants must be members of the American Legion, Auxiliary or SAL.

¨ Spirit of Youth Scholarship awarded to a Junior Member.

¨ Samsung Scholarship awarded to a Girls Stater who has a veteran in her family.  This scholarship has a lengthy application and must be turned in before Girls State begins.  More information on this scholarship can be found on the Girls State Website.


Keep track of the Education projects your unit does through out the year.  Awards will be given at Department Convention for outstanding Education Programs through out the year.

Entries shall be narratives of 1000 words or less.  A cover page including Program Name, Department, District, County, Unit, and name and address of Unit Chairperson.  Pictures and clippings of your events are welcome.  All narrative entries must be received by April 30, 2018 to be eligible for National and Department Awards.

Education is the cornerstone of success and we can all be a part of the success of our community, state, and Nation by promoting Education for all.  More information about the Education program can be found on the Department and National websites.  Please share with us the great things your unit is doing to promote Education in your community and reach out if I can help you with your education program in any way!

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