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2016-2017 Plan of Action



Dawn Aberle                                                                        

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Coggon, IA 52218


In 2019 the American Legion Auxiliary will celebrate100 years!  Wow do we look FANTASTIC!  What generation are you?  What is your history with the ALA?  What is your unit’s history?  These are just a few of the questions that can be asked of you and of your ALA Unit.  What activities has the unit held?  What worked?  What didn’t?  Why did it work or why didn’t it?  What can be done to make the activity appealing to the next generation, and for future generations?  What can be done to make the ALA appealing to the next generation, even this generation?


Be sure to involve Junior members in your projects no matter how big or small, remember they are the future of the ALA and they really do want to be active and involved.   Junior members have the opportunity to earn the History Patch by completing required activities. 


What are some things you can do this year to preserve and promote the ALA and its history?

  1. If you currently have a History/Cavalcade committee, mirror the efforts of National Headquarters to promote your history.
  2. If you do not have a History/Cavalcade committee, initiate the project
  3. Become visible throughout the community and let them know the ALA”s history and contributions to the community, state, nation and world.
  4. Record Oral Histories for The Members Remember Project
  5. Celebrate Women’s History Month
  6. Involve Junior Members


More details about each of these points is available at


Year-end reports are due APRIL 30, 2017 – More information will follow as more details become available.  As always pictures, articles programs etc. are appreciated to help President Sharon make history herself. 



You too can go down in history!




American Legion Auxiliary

2016-2017 Plan of Action- Juniors



Dawn Aberle                                                                      

5958 Dix Road                                                                               319-213-1018          

Coggon, IA 52218


Junior members are invited to become involved in preserving the History of the ALA.   The Junior Patch program is available again this year.  Juniors are asked to complete 9 activities, three of which are marked with an asterisks (*) and are required.  Those requirements are:

  1. Interview at least two ALA members for the Members Remember project.  Post your video interviews on


  1. Contribute to your unit’s ALA Junior History Book


  1. Research and do a presentation on the history of your unit.  Present it to your Junior unit, or at a unit or post meeting.


Be sure to keep an ongoing history of your Unit’s Junior activities and be sure to send them to the Department Junior Historian for the Department Junior President’s History book, be sure to send a copy to me so that I can include in President Sharons history also.


Department of Iowa

Scrapbook Rules



Deadline for submission to Department Historian:                            June 1, 2017


Address for Submission:                               Dawn Aberle, 5958 Dix Road, Coggon, IA 52218


Size requirements:

                Page size:            8 1/2x11 or 12x12 NO LARGER

                Number of pages--         No limit – Use your creativity


Content Requirements

                PG 1:     Unit Name and Number

                                Unit town – County – District

                                Auxiliary Year (2016-2017)

                                Department Theme (Hearts on Fire for Veterans)


                PG 2:     Unit officers

                                Members serving on a higher level


                Balance of Book:

                                Write the history of your unit in words and pictures the sky is the limit!



Deadline for submission is June 1, 2017.  Scrapbooks will be available for pickup at Department Convention in Des Moines.  Units are responsible for picking up their books at the end of Convention.  Books will not be taken to the Department office following convention.


Same rules apply for Senior OR Junior books.



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