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Our purpose is to provide information and assistance to the American Legion Auxiliary members and to advocate for the legislative agenda of The American Legion.


Saddle up and trot over to these resources for the programs in your Units and Districts.


1. Attend Legislative Day in mid-January 2018 in Des Moines.

2. Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative Action Alerts to know when we should be contacting all Legion family members to contact your elected officials.

  to subscribe.

3. Order or download a copy of ALA Legislative Adovacy Guide.

4. on the Legion’s website will help to keep current  of legislative priorities.

5. Sign-up for the ALA e-News.

6. For $15 you can receive “The Dispatch” for a year.

7. Iowa elected representatives:

8.To track legislation in Iowa General Assembly

9. Attend local council or town hall meetings to keep abreast with what is happening.


Please let me know when your Unit or District does any Legislative items.  If you write, email or call legislators--let me know how you contacted them, what your contact was about and if you received a answer.  I will need to pony express a mid-year report by Dec. 15, 2017 and will need your help!




Fillies Unit Award

Don’t forget to include the award cover sheet.  Deadline is April 30, 2018.  It needs to be typewritten in narrative form, pictures may be included and send to Joyce Elliott by mail or email.


Fillies Unit member award for an outstanding member who promotes and participates in legislative activities.  Same format as for the Unit.


Fouls Award 

A junior member who has helped at events or contacted legislators about issues for the veterans or active duty and their families.  Same format is Unit awards.



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