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With "Hearts On Fire For Veterans", the National Security program helps "maintain and promote a strong national defense by supporting military service-members and their families"; focusing on three main topics:

1. Support the emotional and social needs of active, reserve and transitioning military service members and their families.  Things you can do: identify and assist in presenting Blue Star and Gold Star banners to military families, decorate the community with yellow ribbons, wear red on Fridays to "Remember Everyone Deployed", provide continuing support to active-duty military families in your community by working with the installation's Family Readiness Group and/or directly with the family, and host a Welcome to Our Hometown event and/or personally welcome military families that are moving or transitioning out of the military to your community.

2.  Assist military spouses in getting and maintaining employment.  Things you can do: support military job fairs organized by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation through their Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Employment Program, support job fairs hosted by The American Legion, or host a fair in your own community.  Co-host a Legion Family information table at job fairs.

3. Support the National Security Programs of the American Legion.  Things you can do include involvement in the Citizen Corps Council and getting Juniors involved in the Youth Preparedness Program, preparing and distributing emergency preparedness kits, Community Emergency Response Training (CERT), First Aid and CPR training, POW/MIA activities, ROTC and JROTC activities, blood drives, and legislation supporting a strong national defense and legislation supporting service-members and their families.


RESOURCES: The 2016/2017 Programs Action Plan, pages 141-151 at


Department National Security Awards

All valid entries must include an award cover sheet and be submitted to me by April 30, 2017

    Civil Preparedness Award - presented to the unit reporting the highest participation in civil preparedness.  The report must include CERT training date, the list of participants registered and list of participants completing the program.

   Military Spouse eMentor Award - presented to the unit reporting the highest number of members actively participating in military spouse e-mentoring and connected to military spouses.  The report must include a list of participating members.

   Military Support Unit Award - presented to the unit narrative that demonstrates the most outstanding overall program serving and supporting military families, with special emphasis on helping military families through times of deployment and/or injury (severely wounded).  Each entry must be typewritten in narrative form, not to exceed 1,000 words, and may include pictures and newspaper articles. The winner will be forwarded to National for consideration.

   Department President's Award - at her discretion, Department President Sharon will also present a Department President's Award to the unit demonstrating the best National Security program supporting her theme and goal of "HEARTS ON FIRE FOR VETERANS"!

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