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President Sharon’s theme Hearts on Fire For Veterans can get us all fired up to do the work we still need to do for our veterans. This year the Poppy Program helps to use Goal 5 in the Centennial Strategic plan by using the image and story of the Flanders Field poppy to educate people about the sacrifices of our military service members.  We can raise awareness of the Legion Family and link us to our mission in the eyes of the public.


National Poppy Chair Kathy Daudistel hopes we can accomplish these goals by promoting the poppy program and increasing poppy revenue.  We need to publicize our poppy program.  Educate your community about how funds collected help veterans and our local service men and woman.   Deliver poppies to local media outlets with facts about where and when poppies will be distributed in your community.  These people tend to be influencers in the community.

Be aware of the deadline to order poppies.  Don’t be late and try to increase your order this year.  The order form and annual report form are found on the Department website under Forms.


There are many contests that give you an opportunity to utilize your poppies:

Poppy Poster contest

Miss Poppy contest

Poppy Corsages ( Department  competition only)

Rules for all of contest are on the National Website.



Rules will be posted in the Communique


Additional Resources:

  1.  ALA Poppy Program Guide:  Expanded ways to use the Poppy Symbol to Raise Funds and Awareness( available for download at www.
  2. Poppy Poster thank you cards, posters to cover cans for when distributing poppies and many other items, available through Emblem Sales.
  3. Poppy seed packets for Poppies Across American can be purchased at American Meadows or check with your local garden shop.
  4. ( in the Poppy Board) Instructions on how to make the felt poppy corsage.
  5. How to Sheets for Recruiting New Poppy Makers, Increase Unit Poppy Revenues, ALA Poppy Production Manager, Promote Membership Through Poppy can all be found at



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