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Poppy Program


Poppy Program

2017-2018 Program Action Plan


President Vickie’s theme is “America Runs Free Because of Those Who Served Our Country”.  Her flowers are the Poppy, the Forget Me Not, and the Lilac. 


The Poppy represents the sacrifice of the Veterans, the Forget Me Knot & the Lilac represents true love.  Our love for the American Legion Auxiliary, its programs and the veterans.


Just as we tend our flower gardens, we also need to tend our Poppy Program throughout the entire year.


Connecting the visual image of the Poppy with the sacrifices made by our Veterans has been the goal of the American Legion Auxiliary since the Poppy Program’s inception in 1921.  The Poppy raises awareness in the community and respect for our Veterans.  We can raise this awareness by educating our new members, potential new members, junior members, and the public by proclamations, newspaper articles, local radio chats, school programs, and even through social media.


The Auxiliary promotes the Poppy as a symbol to open people’s hearts and inspire them to donate as a result of Poppy distribution.  The financial benefit realized by our nation’s veterans is substantial.  Nearly 3.5 million Poppies are distributed annually by members, the entire Legion family and even non-members raising nearly $2.1 million dollars.


Join the ALA Poppy Program Facebook page for creative ideas of members across the nation.


National Emblem Sales has a wide selection of different poppy items from jewelry, poppy cards, pins, poppy coin, poppy shirts, poppy scarf, to poppy lapel streamers. 

Don’t forget your poppy order forms are due to Department by October 20, 2017.


At Mid-Winter Conference, February 9-11, 2018 there will be a Poppy Hat Contest.  Bring your hats.  Using President Vickie’s theme and be mindful of what the poppy stands for to decorate your hats.  Judging will be held Saturday morning with a Poppy Hat Parade held later that day.   

Awards – There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize.

Lilac Award – Will be awarding to President’s Vickie’s favorite hat.  


National Poppy Day – Is the Friday before Memorial Day, May 25, 2018.


Poppy Days – Involve the entire Legion family when distributing Poppies.



Complete rules & deadlines may be found on the National website for the following contests after National Convention in Reno, either late August or early September.

Poppy Poster Contest (Grades 2 -12) – Top 3 winning posters from each District should be forwarded to Dept. Chr., Jan Carlton for final judging.

National Miss Poppy Contest 

            Little Miss Poppy (Ages 6 – 12)

            Miss Poppy   (Ages 13-18)



Mid-Year Reports – Due December 29, 2017 to Department Chair, Jan Carlton stating the work of the units. Please include a picture or two.

Forget Me Not Award Certificates will be awarded to each unit submitting a mid-year report.


Annual Reports – Narrative Due April 30, 2018 to Department Chair, Jan Carlton


NOTE:  Further reporting details will be available at a later date. Either check the Iowa ALA website for complete poppy reporting deadlines & rules.


In the March 2018 ALA Communique I will have an article and publish further details.   


Additional Resources are available at National Website,

·         ALA Poppy Program Guide

·         Instructions on Felt Poppies

·         Poppy can covers, Flanders Field Poem bookmarks


Plant those seeds, plan your programs, cultivate and watch your garden grow.  If you have any questions concerning the Poppy program, please feel free to reach out to me.


2017-2018 Department Poppy Chair:                      Jan Carlton

                                                                        107 Blondeau St., #1, Keokuk, IA  52632

                                                                        Home (319) 524-7270, Cell (319) 795-8371




Poppy Program

2017-2018 Contest for Juniors Members


President Vickie’s theme is “America Runs Free Because of Those Who Served Our Country”.  Her flowers are the Poppy, the Forget Me Not, and the Lilac. 


Junior Contest Information -


Open to all junior members.  Deadline April 30, 2018 to Department Chair, Jan Carlton.


Make an original design, whether it be a poppy hat, a poppy corsage, poppy jewelry, table setting.  Use your own imagination.  Be creative.  You may use President Vickie’s theme and symbol in your creations.


Provide a brief description your item and take a picture of it.  Include your name, address, phone number with District number, Unit name & Unit number. 


There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. 


2017-2018 Department Poppy Chair:                      Jan Carlton

                                                                        107 Blondeau St., #1,Keokuk, IA  52632

                                                                        Home (319) 524-7270, Cell (319) 795-8371


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