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American Legion Auxiliary - Department of Iowa

2016-2017 Action Plan


Program Name: Strategic Planning



Key Message: The Vision of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Iowa Strategic Plan will make a positive difference in the lives of our veterans, our military, and their families.


Program Chairman:

Karen Ripperger


Executive Director:

Marlene Valentine


Member names:

Mary Sebben

Sharon Anderson

Vicki Klinkhammer

Member emails:

Member phone #:




Member names:

Ann Rehbein

Heidi Hromidko

Judy Neal

Member emails:

Member phone #:





The Strategic Planning Committee will continue the momentum started in 2014-2015 and capitalized on in 2015-2016. With the development of a vision statement, receipt of $1000 incentive award and passage of three resolutions (proposals were merged and modified by the Governing Documents Committee and the Department Executive Committee), we look forward to the next year with great anticipation.

We follow the lead of the National Programs Action Plan. Our Centennial Strategic Plan is a work in progress. We strive to complete initiatives to roll out to you, our members.

Our Centennial Strategic Plan contains goals we would like to see our organization achieve:

Goal 1 – Enhance Membership Strength
Goal 2 – Create an Internal Culture of Goodwill
Goal 3 – Develop Leadership at all Levels
Goal 4 – Strengthen Departments and Units
Goal 5 – With The American Legion, Build Brand Loyalty

The goals in the Centennial Strategic Plan are much like the goals each of us set in everyday life. They are goals we work to achieve. Along the way we set steps to help us achieve our goals, we call them initiatives. The concept of goals is to work to achieve a higher level of commitment and growth. We set our goals high. If they are set too low we don’t really stretch to reach personal growth – so it is with the Centennial Strategic Plan goals.

In 2016-2017, we want to improve how we interact with our members, both new and established.  We recognize that our members are our most important asset. Some ideas that we are developing include:

1. Look at the generational shift when it comes to communicating with members
2. Take into account the technological shift when it comes to engaging with members
3. Develop tactics to operate in the human era:

  • Shows empathy
  • Has conversations
  • Engages at eye level
  • Relies on insight
  • Is adaptive and flexible
  • Is networked
  • Recognizes weakness

    The questions we are asking ourselves:
  • What are we communicating?
  • How do we want to sound?
  • Why we need to talk like real people?
  • How do we want to look?
  • Where is our audience?
  • What about our forms?

    Now is the time for ALA to ...
  • Be bold
  • Embrace change
  • Be relevant
  • Fulfill our mission
  • Support our veterans and families


Narrative report: Units are encouraged to submit a one-page narrative on how their members embraced the strategic plan by achieving one or more goals. This narrative should demonstrate the vision of the strategic plan.  Please include pictures and other information.




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