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Chairman: Kelly Elliott                                 Executive Director: Marlene Valentine                      

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Member: Heidi Hromidko                            Member: Vickie Klinkhammer                      

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Member: Judy Neal                                     Parliamentarian: Diana Shadduck             

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Key Message


The vision of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Iowa Strategic Plan will make a positive difference in the lives of our veterans, our military, and their families.


The Strategic Planning Committee looks forward to continuing our initiatives that we started with the 2014-2015 year and have carried forward each year since. This year we will continue our work on a member handbook that was started in 2016.


ALA Academy


Members are encouraged to enroll in the ALA Academy on the national website at


You will need an id and password to access the academy. Have your membership number handy and register here: This ALA Academy gives members an in-depth look at the history of the American Legion Auxiliary as well as teach new and exciting things.


National Program


We follow the lead of the National Programs Action Plan. Our Centennial Strategic Plan is a work in progress. We strive to complete initiatives to roll out to you, our members. To learn more, visit




Five Goals – One Purpose


Our Centennial Plan contains goals we would like to see our organization achieve:


Goal 5 – With The American Legion, Build Brand Loyalty

·         Define our brand identity and promise

·         Build awareness and preference for the American Legion Auxiliary brand

·         Invest in internal and external marketing and communications

·         Recognize brand loyalty and excellence in promoting the ALA brand


Goal 4 – Strengthen Districts and Units

·         Build capacity of all districts and units to be effective

·         Optimize mission delivery

·         Support districts and units in the development of their strategic plans

·         Collaborate with districts and units in developing innovative ways to improve organizational and financial performance.

·         Invest in training at all levels


Goal 3 – Develop Leadership at All Levels

·         Remove barriers for considering and selecting leadership

·         Define and build leadership capacity

·         Invest resources in identifying and developing leadership

·         Reward innovative leadership recruitment and development practices


Goal 2 – Create an Internal Culture of Goodwill

·         Enable members at all levels to demonstrate goodwill to internal and external audiences.

·         Define, cultivate, sustain, and implement best practices to fulfill the ALA’s Core Values

·         Build trust within the American Legion Auxiliary and with the American Legion


Goal 1 – Enhance Membership Strength

·         Invest in opportunities to attract, engage, and retain

·         Engage and strengthen membership that represents the diversity of our U.S. military

·         Create multiple pathways to serve

·         Excel at communication

·         Expand internal and external alliances


We want to hear from our members this year with any ideas you have to enhance the member experience. We want to make the American Legion Auxiliary stronger so we can continue to help our veterans, our military and their families for many, many years to come. Remember “America Runs Free Because of Those who Served our Country” so let’s keep the Auxiliary Running for those who have served, those who are currently serving and those that will serve. Together we can achieve these goals!




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