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Audit Report for Year end 2018

VA&R Unit Year End Report



VA Needs List - Des Moines needs/projects:

STICKS project (on-going) 2 more to go!

Patch & Coin Display (need display cases for displaying all the various military patches and coins being collected right now.  Also receiving patches and coins from anyone who wishes to donate.  Would like to display in VA as well as have a traveling display case.  Costs are between $450 and & $500 each.)

Iowa Hall of Heroes & Hall of Honor (on-going and wanting to expand with additional Iowa veterans.  An individual display can cost approximately $220.  Veterans being considered right now are the Sullivan Brothers, Nile Kinnick and Bob Feller for starters.)


ALL MONETARY DONATIONS TO BE SENT TO OUR OFFICE: American Legion Auxilary, 720 Lyon St., Des Moines, IA 50309

Iowa Veterans Home

Iowa City VA Donation List

Omaha VA   

Sioux Falls Needs List  Volunteer Oportunities

Des Moines VA  Des Moines VA Volunteer Opportunities



Homeless Program (CRRC)

Coffee, creamer, sugar, and cups

Monetary donations for:


Coffee Fund

Popcorn, oil and bags

Policy on Receipt of Food Items at VA Facilities

VA facilities as a whole are NOT allowed to share food prepared in a private home with patients, and items such as cookies/cake/donuts, etc. must be commercially prepared.  The policy is entitled “Receipt, Storage and Distribution of Food Items Obtained from Sources Other Than Nutrition and Food Services”.

Section 4, Responsibilities:
b.  Chief, Voluntary Service is responsible for overseeing the food donations that are given to Volunteer Service for distribution to patients. This includes the food(s) provided for picnics for patients.

 Section 5, Procedures:
a.        Food prepared in a private home will not be distributed through Nutrition and Food Service.

d.  Foods which do not provide a medium for bacterial growth and may be provided by family and/or friends to individual patients (depending upon patients' dietary restrictions) are:
1.      Cake - without filling
2.      Donuts - without filling
3.      Pastries - without filling
4.      Ice Cream
5.      Cookies
(The items listed above are to be commercially prepared)
6.      Fresh fruit (washed prior to eating)
7.      Snack type foods in single serving packages, i.e. potatoes chips, corn chips, etc.

Since these items were brought to Voluntary Service for distribution, not Nutrition and Food Service, Section 4 Part B holds us to the same standard as Nutrition and Food Service, meaning that Section 5 Part A pertains to us in that we cannot distribute food prepared in a private home.  Section 5 Part D is the most important as it mentions that certain snack items must be commercially prepared.  Items like Chex Mix would also have to be commercially prepared as homemade bags would be considered food prepared in a private home.

Thank you for following the guidelines.

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