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Sales Tax Communication Points for The Department of Iowa

Beginning February 1, 2019, Emblem Sales will be collecting sales taxes on purchases from Iowa. The following are key points regarding Emblem Sales’ collection of Iowa sales tax:

  • Due to changes in Federal and state law, American Legion Emblem Sales will begin collecting sales tax on sales made from Iowa starting February 1, 2019.
  • The standard Iowa state sales tax rate of 6%, plus any county or local sales taxes required by the State, will be charged and added to the sales price of taxable items.
  • Tax is not applied to shipping charges in Iowa.
  • All types of sales will be affected, including catalog and internet sales. Customers will need to add the standard sales tax to taxable merchandise on mail and fax orders. Emblem Sales’ systems will automatically calculate the tax on internet and phone orders.
  • If a customer submits an order by mail or fax that does not include sales tax as needed, Emblem Sales will have to contact the customer to obtain the additional amount before the order can be processed.
  • Customers that are tax exempt (Districts, Posts, SAL, Auxiliary, Riders, etc.) will need to submit a copy of their state sales tax exemption certificate to Emblem Sales to avoid being charged sales tax. Certificates should be sent to Beverly Maharry, Emblem Sales Financial Assistant at; (317) 630-1381 (fax); or 5745 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN 46216.

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