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Now more than ever is the time to celebrate your Americanism and help our youth spread the word on how proud they are to be an American. There is no freedom on earth for those who deny freedom to others. That is the essence that our Nation has been founded on and what our Military has fought to preserve. We as Auxiliary sisters need to make sure that these values are kept.

Please go to your schools and encourage them to recite the Pledge of Allegiance each day. Encourage your youth to enter the contests that are sponsored by the American Legion and the Auxiliary such as the Oratorical and Americanism Essays.

There are several other ways to show your Americanism such as; wearing Auxiliary apparel and or the Flag pin,

Sending girls to Girls State and Jr. Camp, participating in the Quilts of Valor Project, encouraging others to fly the flag at schools, homes, business, etc., carrying and sharing all memberships of our Legion family, assisting our Legion family in their Patriotic event’s, sharing respect for the flag and the proper handling of it, helping to send Veterans on the Honor flights. These are just some of the ways to show your Americanism and I am sure that your Unit can add to this list. Check with the to find out what is happening with the U.S. flag bill. You can also go to to down lode all forms for the contests that are offered from the National Auxiliary.

Please let me know by Dec.31 2018 all that you have done so that I can brag on you in our National and Division reports. Iowa is a wonderful state and all the Units do great things so please report them.

There are contest for grades 3-12 on Americanism {Essay] including special needs students with details and topic to be announced by National at a later date.

Remember to send in all reports by the Units and Jr.’s in December and April so that I can brag on you and what you have done to promote Americanism.

Always check the National web site for current contest, rules, and dates.

I encourage all of you to do one new event to promote Americanism this year. The more we are visible with our Love of this country and our Veterans the more we can help others to be as we are. Be the best ambassador of Americanism that you can be. The American Flag is the symbol of Freedom.  Let us all keep it waving high and strong.



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