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The Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF) provides temporary financial assistance to eligible members during times of financial crisis or weather related emergencies and natural disasters and promotes awareness and knowledge of the program. Grants can be used during natural disasters to help with food and shelter. In financial crisis, grants can also be used to help with utilities. It is not available to help with accumulated debt. It can also be used for educational training in the event of the loss of a primary wage earner in the family. Final determination of grants awarded is made by the AEF Grant Committee.


Grants from the AEF are available to any member who has been a paid member for the past two consecutive years and whose current member dues are paid at the time of the emergency (3 consecutive years). Forms for assistance are available at in the members only section and then AEF. The form should be completely filled out (incomplete forms will delay processing) and turned into your unit to be forwarded to Department and then on to National. The maximum grant is $2,400.




Familiarize yourself and your unit members with AEF and its guidelines. Brochures are available through department or on the national website Applications can also be printed to have available in time of need. These will also be available at the Program Workshop, Mid-Winter, and Department Convention. If you don’t have access to a computer, please contact me and I will forward them to you if needed! AEF funds are not awarded by units or departments so make sure that any donation sent to Department (they will forward it to national) is earmarked for AEF so that you and/or your unit get credit for it!


Be on the lookout for information about DIVA Day at Mid-Winter!




All contests will follow the National Plan of Action and Annual Supplement to the Programs Action Plan. Please check those action plans to follow the awards guidelines.


Please take time to send in your unit’s report about AEF and to fill out the National Report and Awards Cover Sheet. Provide details and examples about your activity. Be sure to tell how creative you were in your fundraising and how much money you raised. There are awards for the most donated by a unit and a member. Department cannot be expected to track this information. If you or your unit donates to the AEF, you need to submit a year-end report to be considered for those awards! Submit the report to me by April 30, 2020.


Individual members who donate $50 or more are eligible to receive a pin. Please submit your Mid-year report to me by December 15, 2019 and your year-end/contest entries to me by April 30, 2020.


So let’s make this 100th year of the American Legion Auxiliary all about “Service not Self”

by supporting the AEF and building the funds to help our members in need.



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