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Diana Shadduck, Chairman

Kelly Elliott, Dept. President

Lorna Golson, Dept. Vice President

Mary Sebben

Vickie Klinkhammer

Bev Copple

Judy Ring

Crystal Wright, Dept. Exec. Director

Nicole Clapp, 2019-2020 National President



            The Department of Iowa Centennial Committee is a special committee appointed to share enthusiasm within our members, recognize our legacy, and help members create plans to celebrate 100 years of service to Veterans and their families. One hundred years – a centennial year of celebration!   The American Legion began celebrating its 100th anniversary at the Legion’s National Convention in 2018 and will conclude on Veteran’s Day 2019.   Together, we celebrate our “family” legacy.


            Are you ready to tell the story of who we are, what we do and why we matter?    The American Legion Auxiliary will be celebrating our centennial on November 10, 2019 through the National Convention 2020.  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Plant a centennial garden; bury a time capsule in it.
  2. Host a centennial poster contest for kids,
  3. Host a 100 yr. themed coloring contest
  4. Host a centennial essay contest or a photo contest
  5. Have a float in a parade.
  6. Create a centennial calendar – get local businesses to sponsor.
  7. Money Jug – Centennial Fund - keep in canteen, put in meeting room only during our meeting nights.   Excess can be used to host a Christmas party for children. 
  8. “Penny Collection” - Encourage all Post members to save at least 100 pennies a month.  “Centennial Change” - during our Celebration months.


            Communication is a key element to the success of our 100th anniversary celebration. Plan and promote your ideas, then share your photos, articles and special plans of celebration. Check the Blue Book for committee addresses.  These resources are available to help plan a celebration:



How are you planning to celebrate the ALA’s 

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