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Hear Ye! Hear ye!!

The American Legion Auxiliary Department of Iowa Centennial Committee is making plans for the “Gala” celebration at the 2020 Department Convention. The Committee has been selling Iowa shaped lapel pins ($ 3.00) and Iowa Shaped Magnets ($ 5.00) to help defray the costs of said “Gala” event. Please contact one of the committee members or a district representative, for either as the supply is very limited. Included in the committee’s future plans are to have a booklet with pertinent information detailing the history of Iowa’s part in the American Legion Auxiliary. A reminder we also have blue polo shirts for sell through Jones Apparel. Check out the Department website for order blank and complete information concerning this. Promoting the 100 years of the Auxiliary’s organization has been an eye opening and learning experience. Please let one of the Committee know your wishes as to how we should celebrate. Check with your district representative as to her plans as each District is being asked to display a “table” for all to see at the 2020 Mid -Winter Conference. Let's brag about Iowa's part in the history of the American Legion Auxiliary. Iowa members keep on Sharing their service for the Veterans, the Youth and the Families. Don’t you want to join in the festivitie?. Units throughout Iowa can all do something, does not have to be big- Just let your communities know Who We Are- What We Do and Why We Do It. We (YOU) are making history. Join in the FUN, TODAY!


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