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Community Service

Community Service

Jackie Westover, Chairman

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The Community Service Program promotes the American Legion Auxiliary’s visibility within our area through our commitment to community, state and nation.

Our theme this year is “Honoring our Veterans’ Legacy” and the symbol is the American Flag

What can you do?

*       We, as volunteers, wear many hats in our communities.

*       Become visible within your community as a link to the veteran community.

*      Get involved in community service projects to bring awareness of our mission to support veterans, servicemembers, their families and the community.

*       Making our communities better places in which to live is something Auxiliary members strive for every day across this country.

*       Whether it is hosting a stand down to bring vital health and support services to homeless veterans or coordinating a send-off or welcome-home event for a deployed military unit, Auxiliary members are continuously at work in their communities, demonstrating the compassion and heart we have for those who serve our country and give so much.

*       Community Service projects focus on enhancing the quality of life for veterans and their families.

Unit ideas

*       Volunteer to organize or assist with your community’s Veterans Day observance.

*       Organize a Flag folding presentation or how to retire American flags properly.

*       Organize and participate in service projects for veterans, servicemembers, their families and local community programs on ALA suggested days of service.

*       Register service projects on websites, community forums and social media to attract other community members to participate in your service projects.

*       Volunteer for local service projects and causes (walks, special events, etc.). Work with your post home to offer space and their participation in local service projects and causes.

*       Sponsor and participate in activities at local libraries, senior citizen centers, assisted living centers, nursing homes, service projects and causes (walks, special events, etc.).

*       Reach out to local ministers and first responders to indicate your willingness to be a designated responder for veteran families in need. Be sure to keep a list of veteran resources handy so you will be ready.

*       Get involved with your neighbors and those outside our Legion family by volunteering at your local library, food pantry, domestic violence shelter, senior citizen centers, assisted living centers, nursing homes.

*       Represent the Auxiliary as a member of local community boards and committees.

*       Volunteer with your local Meals on Wheels to deliver meals on days when they are typically closed (i.e. Christmas and Thanksgiving).

*       The list is endless, but be sure to always wear your American Legion Auxiliary apparel or pin while volunteering in the community; it reinforces our brand promise by telling people who we are, what we do, and why we matter.

*       The National Community Service Committee Facebook group, search “ALA Community Service


Community Service Reporting*

Mid Year Reports are due to me by December 1st. End of year reports/ Narratives are due by April 15th.  Did your unit volunteer or organize service projects for the suggested days of service?  What were the challenges and what were the success stories?  Please be sure to include the standard cover sheet for all reports.


Unit Award: Unit Community Service Award

Type of Award: Citation

Presented to: One unit in each division (5 awards)

Materials and Guidelines:

*Entries must include the award cover sheet located in this program Plan.

*Awarded to the most outstanding overall Community Service program in the division during the 2018-2019 administrative year.

*Include pictures and newspaper articles.

* All entries are due to me by April 15, 2019.

Be sure to encourage every member to keep track of their hours and dollars spent this year.  Our volunteer hours reinforce our commitment in Honoring our Veteran’s Legacy.

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