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The American Legion Auxiliary Department of Iowa Finance committee for the 2018-2019 year are committee members Mary Jo Berning, Dawn Aberle and Linda Sue Mullen. Department President Mary Sebben, Executive Director Marlene Valentine and non-voting members Parliamentarian Fran Kirk and Department Vice President Kelly Elliott.


Membership is the source of funds for all levels of the Auxiliary, Unit, County, District, Department and National. The department budget is set each year based on membership so timely payment of dues assures that department projects are well funded.  It is the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary to provide and care for the veteran and their family.


The finance committee budgets for General Expenses (mileage, workshops, printing, postage, office equipment, salaries, web page, Mid-Winter conference, Department Convention, building maintenance, Communique) to have an efficient organization the base must be sound.  Budgets are also prepared for the Welfare Fund and Poppy Fund both used for our Veteran programs, Junior Camp and Girls State. 


Department of Iowa Gold Club was started at the Mid-Winter Conference in 2005.  With a contribution of $50 you will help support projects over and above your membership dues that are approved by the DEC. In the past Junior Camp, Girls State, school supplies for backpacks, socks for the Veterans and this year a $1,000 donation for The American Legion parking lot and $500 to Junior Camp received our support. Individual members or Units can become a member.


Donations are always welcome and a contribution form is published on the web site.  Please send all monetary donations to the Departments office.  Make sure to earmark your check.


Reminders for every Unit: plan a budget; if your dues do not cover your expenses it’s time to consider a raise in dues, pay your obligations, Department, District and County, audit financial books and file the IRS form 990 every year.


Finance concerns money matters – for the Auxiliary Finance Committee it’s the management of membership dues and special money raising projects.  The finance committee continues to review the budget each month and works diligently to keep expenses and income within our capabilities.


If you have questions or concerns we are here to help.




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