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FINANCE 2019-2020


Chairman-         Dawn Aberle       

Member-           Linda Sue Mullen 

Member-           Julie Rosenboom



We are your ANGELS OF PROSPERITY!  President Kelly has charged us with a task of great importance.  She has also charged you with that same great task.  The task of understanding where our funds come from and where those funds go.


Archangel Raziel (member Julie) is the Archangel of Divine Magic.  She can assist in magically aligning opportunities or inspire income generating ideas.  Julie will be responsible for the Department Of Iowa Gold Club this year.  She is looking for ideas to utilize these funds to the best of our Veterans and their families.  The Gold Club was started in 2005.  With a contribution of $50.00 you help to support projects over and above your membership dues.  These projects are approved by the DEC.  The Gold Club has been able to support many worthwhile projects.


Archangel Chamuel (member Linda) is the Angel of boosting confidence, building career success and finding lost objects(money)  Linda will be responsible for our Veterans facilities and seeing that they have what they need with the budget that is presented and with the funds from our angelic members that have not already been designated by you.  These funds have been used to help create a household for the Memory Care unit at IVH.  Purchase rifles for the Golden Age Games held at Sioux Falls.  Purchase Robotic Cats and bus passes at Iowa City.  Birthday Cakes and Clothing to Omaha.  The Sticks Project in Des Moines.


Archangel Ariel (member Dawn) is the Archangel overseeing prosperity.  I will help find the way toward increased wealth in all areas.


Archangel Metatron (President Kelly) Brings with her motivation to create positive change.  She taps into skills and resources that were developed in lifetimes past.


So now that we have met our members our roles, goals and outlook for the upcoming year are simple and straight forward. 


It is important that each Unit, County, and District create a budget for the new year.  This will help in many areas of your organization from general business expenses to the amount of monies you are able to give to those in your communities. 


While you hear these last items every year it is always important to be aware of them and to be sure they are taken care of timely to avoid additional costs to the Department, your District as well as your County.



In the Service of our Veterans celebrating 100 years of service not self.




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