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Governing Documents


Who Needs Governing Documents Anyway?


All members do!


Sound governing documents:


Constitution, Bylaw, Standing Rules – What’s the Difference?




Standing Rules

The ALA Constitution is the ALA’s Articles of Incorporation

How it governs itself

More specific , administrative,

and “process focused”

Core purpose and structure

Fundamental rules

Provide details about provisions in Bylaws

Rarely Amended

Amended every 5-10 years, if needed

Can be amend as frequently

as needed to keep the organization up to date

Supported by Bylaws

Supported by Standing Rules

Implemented in the spirit of good will!


To make it easy to start the process to make changes to your governing documents, be sure to have:






Review the list of recommended changes to be made to your Governing Document(s)










Remember! It is important that members understand all of the changes that will be taking place.  Communication is vital, so be sure to appropriately document and distribute information ahead of time so questions can be asked and proponents are able to respond knowledgeably.



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