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Doris Jackson                                        

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Historian’s purpose:  To accurately record the accomplishments and significant events that occur on the national, department, district/county, and unit level during the course of her term.


President Mary has chosen the USA Flag as her symbol and her theme is “Honoring our Veterans’ Legacy” which reflects the true dedication of our members by their continued support of our veterans, military and their families.  As we celebrate our 99th year, let’s wave our flags high and make this a very memorable year for President Mary!


As your Department Historian, I am asking everyone to send me items such as: pictures, events, programs and news articles of your Unit, County and District from Department Installation 2018 thru Department Convention, 2019.  Include the details of the material you are sending. Remember the WHO – WHAT – WHEN – WHERE.  I need that information on every item that you submit to me, to accurately compile the info into a record for President Mary’s History book.  Please share how your members put their devotion of our veterans into action to carry on their legacy. 


 A Mid-year progress report is due by December 31, 2018 and a Year-end report by April 30, 2019 to Doris Jackson (address and email above)


History Contests


Department History/Scrapbook Contests:  There is a difference between a history book and a scrapbook.  The history book covers the history of your Unit, so it is mainly a story with only a few pictures of officers.  The scrapbook may contain photos, newspaper clippings, programs etc.


Narratives about famous ALA members: We are encouraging members to submit narratives about famous Auxiliary members.  Include the member’s full name, years of membership, details of what she did, who she is, why she is famous, and where you found the information.  To participate in the project, submit your narrative to the Department Historian no later than June 30, 2019.


District – Senior and Junior Scrapbooks:  Be creative as to binding and the organization of materials.  It may include photos, clippings, programs, certificates, stories of events, etc..  The first page must contain the Unit’s name and address.  The Auxiliary emblem must be on the cover.  Due no later than June 30, 2019


Junior – Unit Scrapbook:  Follows the same guidelines as above. 


Senior – Unit History Book:  History books should be submitted electronically to Doris Jackson.  If a mailed entry, use plain, white paper, 8 ½ x 11 inch


Junior – Unit History Book:  Follows the same guidelines as above.


NOTE:  Additional History information, awards and suggested formats are available on the National Website, 






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