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HISTORY 2019-2020


LaDonna Runner                                               

Dept. Historian 2661 330th St.                                                                                     

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History is the collection of written articles and/or photos to help preserve events that have taken place within a specific time and as Historian it is my duty to record these events on the National, Department, District, County and Unit levels during President Kelly’s term.

President Kelly’s year promises to be a fun year with her open house on September 7th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at her post home in Shellsburg, Iowa.  Then our own Nicole Clapp becomes our National President with her homecoming, October 3rd through the 5th in Tama County.  On November 10th, 2019 the American Legion Auxiliary will be celebrating 100 years then in July 2020 Girls State will be celebrating 75 years and the Juniors will be celebrating their 35th.

I am asking each of you to take lots of photos and send them to me along with any newspaper clippings, etc. of events so I will be able to put them into President Kelly’s History/Scrapbook.  If your unit has a Junior Unit please include them in your activities. I also ask that you include the usual Who, What, Where, When and please me tell what District the items that you send me are for.

Since this the ALA’s 100th year, I would ask each unit to write up a history on your unit and please include when it was chartered and who the charter members were along with a photo (if you have one) of them.

As National Convention 2019 isn’t till August, I am unable to give you any details of any contests that the National Historian will be having, so please check their website at in September.

I plan on having some sort of contest myself but haven’t worked out all the details at this time so stay tuned.

Remember, Mid-year reports are due by December 15th 2019 and Year-end reports are due by April 30th 2020.  I look forward to hearing from you and reading your reports.

                                      100 Years of Service Not Self 



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