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Junior Activities


This year we will help President Mary increase membership by reaching out to all Junior members we have signed up no matter where they live and teach them about our Auxiliary mission.  Each of our members can help by having each Junior member complete one activity that Honors our Veteran's Legacy and one activity that they can do that honors our American Flag or teaches other youth about the importance of honoring our United States flag, the symbol of freedom.  Take a Junior member to a Post meeting and tell the Legion members about the Junior Auxiliary and the value of their membership.  Take applications along to give to the Legion members to sign up their daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughters.  Help our Junior Department President Macie with her projects, too!  See her page.


If your Junior lives in a different town and they are turning 18 help them find connections to the American Legion in their area.  You are the key to keeping our Juniors as Auxiliary members. Teach them about eligibility requirements. Each Senior Unit can help their Juniors with a service project, include your Junior activities in monthly newsletters.  Include Junior membership information in your renewal notices.  Bring your juniors to your meeting and tell them about your roles as officers, etc. Present Junior patches to them at your meetings.  


Americanism: Teach our Juniors about our Flag, the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance, flag etiquette, what each fold means. March in Parades, and have them show others how to respect our flag. Juniors can lead a flag ceremony at your meetings as well as lead in singing Patriotic songs.  Look under Americanism in this packet for details on Junior Americanism Contests.


Veterans and their Families: Have Juniors make thank you cards and put together care packages for veterans.  Have them remember their families by sending cards and gifts to their families.  Collect food for the homeless, and personal items for both male and female veterans.  Make tied fleece blankets for them. Visit the Veteran's home and sing songs, read poem and books to them.


Visit the National Junior Activities Facebook Page -  

Junior meetings should be fun but yet teach about our mission!  Be orderly but do not put too much emphasis on protocol.  Their attention span is short, so exercise and snacks are great.  They love crafts - poppy crafts for a fundraiser, patriotic decorations for your post or veterans home, cards for veterans., etc.


Junior Patch Program:  There are patches to be earned for all the areas of our programs, visit  Print copies of the three age groups and help your Juniors earn a few patches.


Poppy Program:  For info on this program please refer to the section by the Poppy Chairman.


Unit Awards: An award will be presented to the unit with the most outstanding Junior Activities program.  Entries must be typed in a narrative form not to exceed 1,000 words and must include the award cover sheet.  Please include the following when possible:

·         How has participation in the patch program increased enthusiasm among the Juniors?

·         What were the various service projects in which the Juniors were in involved?

·         What type of volunteer hours did Junior member perform?

·         What ways did your senior members mentor the Junior members?

·          How does your unit plan to increase Junior member participation in meetings and activities?

·          Please include pictures and news articles showing Junior involved in their activities.


Best Media Coverage of an Activity or Project Award: Narrative not to exceed 500 words must include the award cover sheet.  Include specific examples - newspaper articles, newsletters, pictures of displays, speeches, website address.


Send me an Email by Dec. 15 and tell me know what your Juniors have already done. Then send a final report for Awards to me at the above address by April 30, 2019.



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