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Macie J. Frambach

2787 Arcadia Lane Swisher, Iowa 52338







The 2018-2019 Department Junior President’s Projects are the following:


  1. Collecting Retired Flags- This will be the main project since President Mary’s theme is flags. I will be collected any retired flags at meetings, but feel free to mail them to me if traveling distance is an issue. I am hoping to hold a proper flag disposal sometime during the year and invite all units to come out and join us and bring their retired flags. Date and place is To Be Determined.     
  2. Grow our American Legion Family- Everybody is important in this group of amazing people and the bigger we are, the more we can do. I am   encouraging units to have at least 5 new junior members join prior to The 2019 Department Junior Conference.
  3. Collecting Pop Tabs- They will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House to help families in need.
  4. Attendance and Involvement- Attending a meeting at any level, whether it be a juniors meeting or Senior Ladies meeting, will help you grow your love for the American Legion Auxiliary and the knowledge of what we are capable of. So I am encouraging juniors to step out and go to as many meeting as possible this year and bring back things you heard that you could share at another meeting to help spread the amazing ideas.
  5. Junior Projects/Patch Program- Try and become more active in the Junior projects such as; Poppy Corsage, Poppy Poster, Americanism Essay, Patch Program, and Miss Poppy. The more    entries we have the harder they are to choose from!
  6. Support Department Commander Scott’s  and Department President Mary’s projects



Please keep in mind no monetary donations can be accept for Honorary Department Junior Presidents Projects


Please keep track of what you contribute to this year so we can total up everything at the end of this year and see our progress.


I am very honored to serve as you Department of Iowa Junior President this year. Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, or comments. I am always open to attending meetings at any level if I am able to so, so feel free to send an invite my way. Good luck this year everybody and thank you for supporting my projects!



Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

~Oprah Winfrey



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