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Leadership is about accepting responsibility, and not always when it suits you. It’s the ability to motivate others toward the realization of achievement and/ or self- improvement. Leadership skills are acquired. The first step to being a leader is to Get Organized.   One of the most important qualities of a good leader is learning to delegate challenging and rewarding tasks. The key to delegating is the word “entrust.” Leaders admit to their mistakes and learn from them!  As a leader, you learn how to discover and communicate the shared values and visions that can form a common ground on which all can stand. Their actions are consistent with the wishes of the people they lead.

As a leader, you have a responsibility of projecting the best possible image of yourself and the organization. The way you dress, your body language, how knowledgeable you are about the American Legion Auxiliary, your tone of voice, your ability to speak & write clearly and concisely, all contribute to the way the public perceives you and this organization. Remember, once it’s posted on social media; there’s no “returns!”

Leaders must have a good attitude. You can fuel positive thinking with enthusiasm, having a sense of humor, being open to change, being sincere, cooperating with others and respect. Learn to accept and appreciate the differences among people as well as taking time to recognize and appreciate the skills and qualities of the people around you; this includes all ages.

Good TEAM members: practice self- control, put work ahead of likes and dislikes, acknowledges mistakes and corrects them, communicate effectively, and shows courtesy to fellow members.  Are YOU a good team player?

The opportunity is now for developing leaders at every level in the American Legion Auxiliary. The qualities of our young members create a rich source of future leaders. These individuals vary in personality, character, intelligence, and personal motivation. They serve for different reasons, they have different values and goals. If our organization is going to grow and prosper, we MUST create an environment of cooperation, sharing a common purpose and pride in belonging. Only leadership of the highest quality can create such an environment. 

Any unit that would like the Auxiliary Leadership course presented- let me know and I will see what can be done.

Contests:  Most Outstanding Unit Leadership Program & Best Department Leadership Program: specific details and dates will be coming as soon as National sets them.

Reporting Deadlines:  Mid-Year Reports: I am asking that any president, at any level, submit a report BEFORE December 20, 2018. Year-End Reports: will be due to me BEFORE May 20, 2019. These dates are when I should have such reports, not when you put them in the mail. I have deadlines in sending reports onto National and Iowa’s report is not going to be late!!

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