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  Leadership comes from all levels. While we celebrate our Auxiliary Centennial, we need to remember our past leaders. Members from small rural towns, as well as large metropolitan cities joined Units and organized some of our most well-known programs. The Poppy program, Christmas Gift Shops and Veteran Affairs and Rehabilitation were formed from those members. Prior to that, Americanism, rehabilitation and child welfare activities were launched from our members working together with The American Legion. We hope more members are interested in taking on leadership roles so we may continue to our next hundred years.


Did you know not all leaders have titles? During meetings, help each other to identify their skills/strengths and try to create projects to match the person. Be sure to thank and recognize members for their participation. A leader should remember to be polite and respectful, invite discussion, have patience and admit to their own mistakes. We need to have a sense of humor, too. Things can go wrong and mishaps happen. We are all human. Although we will not agree with everyone all the time, we need to remain courteous and look at both sides of the discussion. A leader, as well as a member of the TEAM needs to accept change, feel confident and free to voice their concerns or objections and their ideas. We do this with respect and sincere wishes to put SERVICE BEFORE SELF.


There are over 2,000 documents on our National website. Encourage members of all ages to browse the Department and National websites. If members have difficulty with computers, offer to help them navigate these sites and print off copies. Provide information for participation in ALA Academy as a Unit. Encourage taking Welcome to the American Legion Auxiliary Senior Auxiliary Basics, A course on our History and Legacy at www.ALA under the Leadership tab. Under this same tab there is also Welcome to the Junior ALA Course “The ALA: My Organization and What I Need to Know to Grow as a Member”.


We need to nurture leadership at all levels and ages. Our Auxiliary leadership has accomplished much through these past 100 years. All of our leaders came from somewhere, some from large famous cities, some from smaller suburbs or even a small rural town in Iowa. The point is, they believed in our organization and our mission.


**Most Outstanding Unit Leadership Program and Best Department Leadership Program- Details will follow. Please watch your ALA Communique.


**Reporting Deadlines: Mid- Year Reports: Presidents, at all levels, please submit a report BEFORE December 15, 2019. Year End Reports: I will need these BEFORE April 25, 2020.

These are the dates I should have received your report in the mail so I may send them onto National. We want Nicole’s year to shine, so please don’t delay.  

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