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The purpose of the Legislative program is to assist, give guidance, and inform members of The American Legion legislative priorities.  Most of us will interpret this to mean that this program is a National Headquarter committee job because they would be looking at the U.S. Congress for veteran issues.  Legislation in the Iowa Congress will also have a big impact on the lives of veterans and military families in the state. Even at the local county and city level awareness of what is going on is important.

Each vote counts in every election.  Share the right to vote with others.  Be involved locally to support the process, hold a meet the candidate event, volunteer to work at political meetings or on election boards and help others get to polling places by furnishing transportation.

How is a legislative program started?  The first step is to have a legislative chairman in the Unit that presents a program on the current Legislative priorities are at a state level and a national level.  This program will educate the members on what The American Legion is advocating.  When members have the information, discussions can begin within the group as legislation moves through the process toward becoming law.  Every ALA member can write, email or call the elected officials and give an opinion on the issue.  Keep track of who, what, and when contact was made and what response, if any, is received.  Units you will need this information for Mid-year and Year End reports.

If there has not been a legislative program or it is not very active see the listing of resources to encourage members to learn more.  Be sure to set up an account on the National American Legion Auxiliary website to have access the 2017-2022 Program Action Plan (PAP).  This article is very informative on the legislative program and has helpful ideas for members, Units, and Departments.

Don’t miss The American Legion Legislative Day at the Iowa capital in January 2019.  The exact date will be set this fall so watch for further information in The Iowa Legionnaire and Auxiliary Communique. This day is to let the state of Iowa elected officials or the staff members speak face to face with members of the Legion Family. 


1.      ALA Legislative Advocacy Guide—can be downloaded from  A 18-page pamphlet .

2.     Legislative priorities from National Headquarters—  Able to read about current priorities and keep track of the status of the issues.

3.     Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative Action Alerts— up

4.     Check the Iowa Department website to get information on Iowa’s legislative program—   


            Legacy Unit Award—this award is for an outstanding Unit Legislative report.  Requirements:  Narrative form, typed and MUST include an award cover sheet.  Pictures may be included.  Mail or email to D. Sue Spilman.  Deadline is April 30, 2019.

            Legacy Member Award—for an outstanding member who has participated in legislative activities and has shared her efforts at Unit meetings.  Use same format as the Unit award.  Mail or email to D. Sue Spilman.  Deadline is April 30, 2019.

            Legacy Junior Award—for an outstanding junior member who has been involved at legislative events or reported on her experience at Girls State.  The report should include the junior member’s thoughts on the legislative process.  Entry MUST be typed and include the award cover sheet.  Report may include pictures and newspaper articles.  Mail or email to D. Sue Spilman.  Deadline is April 30, 2019.

 Honoring Our Veterans’ Legacy by supporting The American Legion Legislative agenda.



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