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Legislative 2019-2020

This program is designed to assist, inform and give guidance to our members about the American Legion legislative priorities. This program needs to start at home level and work its way to the Nation. What I mean by this is look at the laws in your city, county, state and nation. All these make a difference and so do you. Be informed of what is happening around you.

The most valuable tool you have been given is the right to vote please do so. Know who is running for offices in your city, county, and state. Help others to know who they are. By being informed you are helping our Veterans to get the best services they can.

If you don’t have a legislative chairman in your Unit you need to do so. This person can present programs on the current legislative priorities for the state and National level. They will keep you up to date with all that is going on at the state and nation that the American Legion is advocating. Again, every vote count, every ALA member can call, write or e-mail their elected officials. Know who your elected officials are. Your chairman will keep track of who, what, when and how contact info was done so that it can be included in your Mid-winter and Year-end reports.

Set up an account with the Auxiliary website to have access to the 2017-2022 Program Action Plan [PAP]. This program is designed to help with ideas for members, Units and Departments on the Legislative guide.


  1.  ALA Legislative Advocacy Guide—download from 18-page pamphlet
  2.   Legislative priorities from National Headquarters— Able to read and keep track on current priorities and issues.
  3.   Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative action Alerts— up
  4.   The Iowa Department website for info on Iowa’s legislative program at—


            Legacy Unit Award—this award is for an outstanding Unit Legislative report. Requirements are as follows: Narrative form, MUST include an award cover sheet. Pictures may be included. Mail or e-mail to Verlinda Prior. Deadline is April 30th, 2020

            Legacy Member Award—for outstanding member who has participated in legislative activities and has shared their efforts at Unit meetings. Same format as Unit award. Mail or e-mail to Verlinda Prior Deadline is April 30th, 2020

            Legacy Junior Award—for an outstanding junior member who has been involved at legislative events or reported on her experience at Girls State. The report should include the junior members thoughts on the legislative progress. Entry MUST be typed and include the award cover sheet. Report may include pictures and newspaper articles. Mail or e-mail to Verlinda Prior. Deadline is April 30th ,2020

For all Mid- Winter reports please Mail or e-mail to Verlinda Prior by December 15th 2019

100 years of Service not Self by supporting The American Legions Legislative agenda.


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