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MEMBERSHIP 2019-2020


Membership Committee Members

Judy Ring, Chairman                          Alida Kolthoff                          Jammie Phillips

1016 N. Walnut                                  5825 Troy Mills Rd                  2416 Waterford Dr.

Glenwood, IA15134                            Walker, IA 52352                    Ames, IA 50010

Phone (712) 527-2817                       (319) 213-4125                        (920) 319-0539

Gold Team District 7,8,9                     Blue Team Districts 1,2,4              Red Team Districts 3,5,6


Membership Theme: Soaring to New Heights. Recruit, Renew, Rejoin

As we begin our second century of Service not Self, we will soar to new heights by retaining the members we have, rejoining members that have left and by recruiting new members. We will honor the traditions of the past and welcome new ideas of the future. How will we accomplish this, by focusing on the positive!

With focusing on the positive, please plan to participate in a Week of Caring and Sharing during the week of April 1-7. This week is designed to make contact with every member. To let them know how important they are to our mission. From paying dues, organizing events, fundraisers and everything in between all members are important and we could not function without them.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”- Helen Keller

Your membership team is here to help you in any way we can. We will work with you to:

Earn Your Wings- 75% by Dec 7 Pearl Harbor Day

Take Flight- 95% by May 18 Armed Forces Day

Soaring High- 100% by June 30


Membership Changes

Membership report will be posted every two weeks this year, and there will be no comparison as to where we were this time last year. With focusing on the positive we are only looking forward.

Renewal notices will by mailed by September 15, 2019 the first time and by January 15,2020 the second time. You do not have to wait for National to send out renewals, you can send out your own as well.

Seating at National Convention in 2020 will solely be based on membership percentage. Let’s be sure we are front and center and work well together as a team.


10x10   Members that recruit 10 NEW junior and or senior members for the 2020 membership year by November10, 2019 will be awarded $100.00 All new member names must be entered into ALAMIS by 10/10/20 and all forms must be received at National by Nov. 15 to be eligible.

All verified entries will be placed in a drawing for $1000.00 towards a trip to the 2020 National Convention plus 2 states dinners tickets.  If the winner of the drawing does not attend national convention, the prize is forfeited

Recruit/ Rejoin 5 There are two deadlines this year. President’s day (2/17/2020) and Flag Day (6/14/2020). Anyone who accomplishes this will receive a personal gift from National President Nicole Clapp!


Rejoins The member with the most rejoins will be awarded $100.00   Rejoin is any member who has not paid dues since 2017.

Junior Recruits- There will also be a monetary award for the member that recruits the most new juniors


Any unit, Nationwide, that reaches 100% by the ALA birthday of Nov. 10 will be placed in a drawing for $100.00. (100 units will be drawn)



Pearl Harbor Day- Departments at 75% of goal by Dec. 7th will receive $250.00

Armed Forces Day Award- Departments at 95% of goal by May 18 will receive $250.00

Centennial Award- Departments at 100% of goal 30 days prior to 2020 National Convention will receive $500.00.  The winners of this award will be announced at National Convention.

Departments can win up to $1000.00 if all three goals are achieved!



The department of Iowa has challenged the Departments of Illinois and Wisconsin in regards to membership. Your Iowa membership team has accepted a challenge between our own American Legion Family Department of Iowa. Between the American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion. The organization with the highest membership total at Mid-Winter will hand out the punishment for the other two entities. Details of this challenge are still being finalized.


This is going to be a fun and exciting year with great goals, challenges, awards and bragging rights. We have so many things to Celebrate… The icing on the cake would be for Iowa to be a Goal Department. What a better way to celebrate 100 years of Service Not Self! The more members we have the more service we can provide to Veterans and their families.


Don’t forget those reports ladies

Mid-Year report is due to Judy no later than Dec 15,2019

End of Year Report is due to Judy by April 15, 2020

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