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            The National Security Program promotes a strong national defense by supporting the emotional and social needs of active, reserve, and transitioning military service members and their families. As Auxiliary members, we can be their “angels” to support and assist them in many ways such as:


*Provide blue and gold star banners for recognition of service members

*Provide spouse and family support

*Get information about PTSD, TBI, and other issues they may be experiencing

*Work with a Family Readiness Group

*Talk to your Legion service officer to see what they offer for help

*Donate Blood

*Fold and provide pocket flags

*Show patriotic and moral support at yellow ribbon events, offer hospitality, refreshments, and youth activities

*Host send-offs and welcome home events

*Reach out to help military families left behind during a deployment

*Get involved in the Citizen Corps Council to ensure citizens are prepared to respond to natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, blizzards and man made disasters and emergencies

*Collect supplies for emergency preparedness kits and distribute them in your community

*JUNIOR members can get involved in and/or start a Youth Preparedness Program

*Build and/or help a neighbor build an emergency preparedness kit and plan

*Offer a training exercise in your post home to give training in first aid, CPR or other types of emergency skills

*Join with your Legion post to host a POW/MIA ceremony on National POW/MIA Recognition Day, commemorated annually on the 3rd Friday of September

*Follow the Legion's POW/MIA Empty Chair Resolution 288 for designating a POW/MIA empty chair at all official meetings

*Host a remembrance event for MIA service members from your area

*Join the Legion to honor ROTC and JROTC cadets by having a dinner & recognition banquet


UNIT AWARD: Most Outstanding National Security Program

                           Entries must be typewritten in narrative form and include the cover sheet

                           May include pictures and newspaper articles

                        Deadline is April 30, 2020


Donna J. Flewelling, Chairman

1241 Hancock Ave, Moville IA 51039

(712) 873-3066 H   (712) 870-1312 C





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