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Public Relations promotes WHO we are, WHAT we do, and WHY we matter. We need to toot our own horn and let the public know we are here to support our Veterans!


IDEAS to promote a positive image and build brand loyalty of the American Legion Auxiliary:

ñ  Distribute ALA brochures & posters in the community at libraries, medical facilities & post homes.

ñ  Wear your officially branded ALA apparel and “Honor Their Service” buttons when out and about. Button order forms are available at

ñ  Be prepared to answer when asked who the Auxiliary is, what we do in your community, and why we matter.

ñ  Develop a list of local media contacts for your unit to use.

ñ  Build relationships with your local media and political figures to educate them on who we are, what we do, and why we matter.

ñ  Write a letter to the editor and/or news release for patriotic holidays and events.

ñ  Build brand loyalty through the utilization and promotion of websites, social media, & other electronic communications.

ñ  Create or improve and actively maintain a unit website that adheres to brand standards.

ñ  Create and maintain an active social media presences for your unit on one or more platforms that you are comfortable with (I.e, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


AWARDS...Taking the time to share a favorite story about the positive impact you or someone you know has had on our mission is worth doing!


            MEMBER AWARD:  ALA Brand Ambassador

            Presented to one member in each department who achieves excellence in promotion of the ALA with her use of social media, her appearance in public wearing ALA- branded apparel, and other activities that showcase the Auxiliary's unique branding through visual identity.  Document with action photos, screen shots, & other evidence of brand promotion activities.  Activity must occur between May 1prior to the start of the current admin year and May 1 before the end of the current admin year.


            UNIT AWARD:  New Website or Social Media Account Launch

            Presented to all units developing a properly branded website or social media account during the current ALA administrative year.  Web address/URL, webmaster/administer name and contact info, or name & contact info for ALA coordinator if webmaster/administrator is a third party vendor.  Site/account must have been created after Sept. 1 of current ALA admin year.  Website/Facebook page must conform to “Website & Social Media Guidelines” in the ALA Branding Guide.


            UNIT AWARD:  Most Outstanding Unit Public Relations Program

            Presented to one unit in each division.  Include 3 different media placements/coverage highlighting different ALA programs, featured in 3 different months (Sept. 1-May1).  Acceptable media publications must support the Auxiliary's mission and goals.


DEADLINES:  Mid-year unit reports due Dec. 31, 2018. Year end reports and narratives due Apr. 30, 2019.

Mail or email to above address. Narratives must include the National Awards cover sheet filled our properly.

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